Velcro Templates

Free templates as a base for velcro!

Yup, just hit the download button and get started! Please download from this page only and don’t share the downloaded files with others since I  ♥ visitors. Thank you!



Fits the older Boss pedals such as the CE-2 and the DM-2 that have a little cutout for the adapter input. Video Demo



Fits the newer Boss pedal bottom plates such as the DD-5, DD-7 and other currently produced models.




This template fits both the 0-Series (for pedals such as the TS808 and the AD-80) and the 9-Series. (pedals such as the TS9 and CS9)
Video Demo



Fits the regular-sized Toneprint pedals such as the Hall of Fame, Flashback, Helix, Viscous, etc.


Fits the mini-sized Toneprint pedals such as the Hall of Fame Mini, Flashback Mini, Ditto Mini, etc.




Fits the typical MXR sized pedals like the Phase 90 / Distortion+ / Dyna Comp / etc.



This template fits the following Joyo pedals: JF-01, JF-03, JF-06, JF-09, JF-10, JF-11.


This template fits all the Nano-sized pedals like the: Nano POG, Pitch Fork and the Soul Food.

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