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Boss DD-2 vs DD-500

I’ll be honest, I love Boss pedals. It’s not really a cool and hipster thing to say, but I really don’t care. ūüôā It has always been one of my favourite brands and the DD-500 made me an even bigger one!

My First

My first Delay Pedal was a vintage Boss DSD-2 (Digital Sampler Delay) and it worked very well for what I needed at the time. After a year or so I jumped over to the DD-5 as I started to need the tap tempo option in live situations.

Less = More

Then someday, I got the option¬†to buy an Eventide Timefactor for a decent price and decided¬†to try out the multi-delay unit. The DD-5 found a new owner and thought this new beast was going to be it, forever.¬†I loved the diversity of sounds I was able to get out of it but I soon figured I’d never use more than 5% of what it was able to do. After using it for a couple of months I decided to move back to the simplicity of the DD-5 that I¬†have used¬†up until 2 months ago. Since then I also found an affordable vintage DD-2 that I bought¬†to have on the side.

Let’s try this again

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

The DD-500 Digital Delay that Boss revealed at NAMM ’15

I was stoked to see Boss revealing a new delay unit at Summer NAMM ’15 and knew it’d be the unit that would¬†get me back into the multi-delay concept. And I was right, the DD-500¬†great! You can treat it as a DD-5 on steroids and dial in some great sounds in a few seconds. But if you like, you can dig your way into some crazy editing.

Full Circle

One of the fun things about going with the DD-500 is that I’m kind of back at where I started; the DSD-2. The DD-500 has the “Vintage Digital” mode which¬†offers the DD-2 along with some other vintage digital delays. And since¬†the vintage DSD-2 basically¬†is a DD-2 with sampler function, I feel very close to my very first delay pedal. It’s like reuniting with an old friend.

Since I own both pedals now, I thought it’d be nice to do a comparison of the two. I’m curious to hear which¬†you think sounds better. Does the new DD-500 do a good enough job? Let me know in the comments below the video on Youtube. I also collect thumbs ups btw. ūüôā

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